Western new year in Vietnam


In Vietnam, activities for welcoming the New Year on January 1 are mostly concentrated in Ho Chi Minh City. Since this city is strongly influenced by various cultures, the inhabitants are used to the New Year celebration and holiday as a part of their lives. Ho Chi Minh City also appeals as a gathering place for huge numbers of domestic and foreign celebrants as well.

Happiness and anticipation can be seen everywhere. All the roads look brilliant with colourful bulbs and flowers. Services, such as games in parks, shops and tourist attractions are opened to entertain everyone. People are excited to enjoy the bustling atmosphere.


On this occasion, people also wait for the fireworks performances. The Vietnamese government allows displaying fireworks only in such events like the New Year celebrations and traditional Tet celebrations, and thus the citizens, especially children, are looking forward to the fireworks displays. They believe that the fireworks can send love, peace and prosperity to the whole nation.

Foreingners welcome New Year in Vietnam

Foreigners who live and work in Vietnam have various ways to enjoy the New Year holiday. William and his spouse Collin, who come from the USA, have been in Vietnam for 3 years. They and their children are accustomed to welcoming the New Year in Vietnam. Even though the celebration for the New Year in January is not as important as the Tet holiday in Vietnam, William and his wife always strive to create a cosy holiday for their kids. They go to supermarkets together to buy good food and a Christmas tree.

Although living far away from their homeland, William’s family does not feel lonely. They have kind Vietnamese friends here. Also their friends in the USA never forget to send them presents. Specially, William’s mother always visits Vietnam for this event. Their family reunion occurs only once a year, so they always cherish this time of year.

Mrs. Linda, who is also from the USA and married to a Vietnamese man, has a different way to relax during the holiday. She loves to prepare Vietnamese traditional dishes and invites friends and relatives to enjoy the meal together.

She believes it’s an opportunity to strengthen their love. On New Years Eve, she and her husband spend time together in a coffee shop, from which they can have a view of Ho Guom Lake.