Visiting the orphanage and a trip for the godchildren

On Sunday, 5 July 2015, a group of our project assistant has visited the “Hope Orphanage” in Ba Vi (50km far away from Hanoi). Included in the package were various relief supplies and gifts.
When we arrived it was raining heavily, but we were welcomed inside by the children and staff very warmly.
B26The things, which were brought were rice cookers, pans and other kitchenware and small gifts and sweets for the orphans.

B06Mrs. Nhung, the director of the orphanage, held a welcoming speech. Ms. Nguyet, our Project Manager in Hanoi, handed over the gifts.

B07The director of the orphanage, Mr. Pham, thanked warmly with an emotional speech of our organization and all donors.

B11Various musical performances were ensured a lively and cheerful atmosphere.

B14The “young singer” Phuong Thao with her performance.

B15The little Duc Quy sang an emotional song and got a lot of applause.

B27At present 79 children live in the orphanage. Among these 7 babies, the youngest is three months old.

B31The Farewell was very emotional. Our greatest wish is that the children have a good future.

DL1Following the visit, our organization has organized a trip for a few supported children of us. The journey led to Dam Long in an animal park and a swimming pool.

DL9A beautiful and unforgettable day! The smiles of the children makes us happy.

Project Manager of “Hope for Tomorrow” in Hanoi,
Nguyen Minh Nguyet

Translated by Hang Trieu

by Hang Nguyen

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