Children have a lot of fun at our Mid-Autumn Festival celebrations

The Moon Festival or Mid-Autumn Festival in Vietnam is held every year in August, according to the traditional Chinese lunar calendar. The festival is a special joy for children who are gifted on this day with moon cakes, fruit and beautiful toys.

12038431_1041787905855589_8469578177910497911_nThis year our charitable organization in Hanoi has organized a workshop for handmade traditional Vietnamese moon cakes. Ms. Tue took care of 17 participating children.

11222684_1041789495855430_6234159192567976183_nThe children were very excited at the matter: Mixing the dough, preparing the filling, forming the cake.

12036850_1041787042522342_8414723982358311451_nThe homemade moon cakes were incredibly delicious and looked very nice.

12019846_1041785979189115_5723235392624008866_nEach child received as a gift some of the cakes prepared with much love and a lantern to take home.

IMG_0794In Ninh Binh our charitable organization has also organized a Moon Festival Celebration for 7 sponsored children. The children had a lot of fun. Some children came early in the morning at 6 clock to wait for the beginning of the celebration.

IMG_0787The joy was great as the children could make decorated fruit plates by themselves. There were delicious cakes, fruits and toys as gifts.

24 children who live in different places have also received gifts from “hope for tomorrow”. Our organization would like to thank all donors for the trust and support, which made it possible for us to prepare Mid-Autumn Festival with great joy for numerous children.

Translated by Hang Trieu



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