Children´s Day in Vietnam

1In Vietnam, the International Children´s Day is celebrated annually on June 1. All children are very happy on it, because everywhere, in the family, in kindergarten or at school, the children received on that day great attention.
If the Children’s Day is coming up, the children may want a gift and her parents try to fulfill their wish. The parents usually give their children a new toy or new clothes. The parents go with their children to the entertainment park or water park, because it is early June already midsummer, a visit to the water park is often desired by the children.
There are in Vietnam, especially in smaller towns, hardly free playgrounds, where children can play regularly. Most playgrounds are located within shopping malls. On the occasion of Children’s Day parents take their children to attend in such shopping malls, so that the children can have a good time with other children. After the children have played, the whole family can have lunch or dinner. That’s one of the reasons why on the Children’s Day large shopping centers are usually crowded.

In kindergarten and primary school children are also blessed on June 1. They usually receive small gifts such as delicious sweets or multicolored balloons. Many events and activities are organized for the children. In kindergarten there is often singing and dancing. The children are very happy because there are such activities only on special occasions such as Children’s Day. Everywhere one looks at the happy children’s faces. The atmosphere is very nice and cheerful.

Translated by Hang Trieu

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