Opening of a free lending library in Khe Thuong, Ninh Binh province

On the 29 th May, 2016, a free lending library was opened in the village of Khe Thuong, about 100 km south of Hanoi.

13The village is in the province of Ninh Binh, which is characterized by a beautiful landscape and chalk mountains.


The library in Khe Thuong is the eighth to be opened by the charity Hope For Tomorrow. Seven libraries have already been opened in other villages.

On this day in May, volunteers of our group and our project assistants brought a total of 850 books to the opening ceremony in Khe Thuong.

After a two hour drive from Hanoi, we arrived. The headman, Mr. Thuc and his colleagues welcomed us warmly. Many villagers were present at the opening ceremony and all were looking forward to the opening of the first library in the village.

6-IMG_7529We first brought the books to their anticipated shelf spaces. The themes of the books are varied: history books, children’s books, life coaching books, cookbooks and health books.

7-IMG_75345-IMG_7527The atmosphere was very cheerful. Children’s songs and folk songs were sung to greet the opening of the new free lending library and there were speeches by both the village representatives and representatives of Hope for Tomorrow.

2-IMG_7528Mr. Thuc thanked the volunteers of our group and project assistants for the library project.

3-IMG_1674Some guests at the opening ceremony donated stationery and other essential items for the library.
We would like to thank all donors for their support of the new free lending library for Khe Thuong and especially for the children in the village and the villages nearby.

Project assistants
Nguyen Minh Nguyet and Hang Trieu

Edited by Robert Fretwell

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