Trip to Trang An – our dreams came true.

( Report by sponsored child in Ninh Binh )

For children like us, who live in the countryside of Ninh Binh Province, traveling to other places has always been something that can only happen in our imagination. However, thanks to Hope For Tomorrow (H4T), a group of Ninh Binh children, including me, enjoyed such a great trip !

IMG_0955It was Friday morning, June 24, 2016, and the sky was blue and it was sunny. As we had planned the night before, at exactly 7 a.m., all the families gathered at the houses of Mrs. Xuan and Mrs. Hue, who are both volunteers of H4T. Perhaps Duy and Thoa were too excited, as they arrived at 6 a.m. When everyone had finished packing the luggage on board the bus, at 7.30am, we headed towards Trang An Ecotourism Complex.

IMG_0935On the way, everyone was happy and excited. Mrs. Xuan even organized entertainment on the bus to enhance the mood for the whole group. When we arrived, none of us felt tired.


A boat ride was arranged, and Mrs. Xuan bought tickets for for us all. The steersman rowed the boat and introduced Trang An to us.


When we arrived at Trinh Temple, we saw many beautiful and large golden carp swimming in the water. What we saw on that trip, helped children like us broaden our knowledge and learn useful information.

IMG_0986After we had visited all of the nine caves of Trang An, the sun was high in the sky, and we were tired and hungry.

IMG_0998Mrs. Xuan and Mrs. Hue took us to a restaurant near Trang An and treated us to delicious “bun bo”. At the restaurant, Mrs. Xuan organized a game for us, and the rule was, that whoever finished his/her bowl first, could go to the supermarket. After Mrs. Xuan informed us of the rule, we all became eager and tried to eat quickly, so we could go to the supermarket.


After lunch, we went to Big C Supermarket. The shelves were neatly stacked with all kinds of products we had never before seen.


IMG_1010We were all thrilled, especially Duy and Thoa, since neither of them had ever been to a supermarket before.


We then ate ice cream and went to a playground in the center and nobody wanted to leave.


Every nice day must come to an end, and it was time to go home. On the way home, Mrs. Xuan asked: “Did you all have fun today?” and we all simultaneously replied, “Yes!”

Mrs. Xuan told us: “If you all study hard and behave well, I will take all of you to other places”.

We all promised her that we would try our best!

P/S: On behalf of the children, I wrote this article as a thank you to everyone in H4T and the sponsors who have helped us through all these times. We hope that H4T will always be by our side and support us. Finally, I wish everyone in H4T health, joy and success in life!


Translated by Minh Tue Do
Edited by Robert Fretwell

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