Visit to the Hope Orphanage in Ba Vi

On Saturday, 30 July 2016, it was time again for our regular visit to the Hope Orphanage in Yen Bai, Ba Vi, Hanoi.
Through contact with the director of the orphanage, we knew that the children wished to receive new summer clothes. Our project assistant, An, is a designer and had a T-shirt designed with the logo of Hope for Tomorrow.

Our project manager in Hanoi, Nguyet, has been in contact with a good tailor and a total of 81 sets of T-shirts and pants were tailored and printed for all children who are currently living in the orphanage. As gifts, we brought sweets and cartons of milk. All gifts were lovingly packed by our project assistants and inscribed with the names of the children.

After a storm and heavy rain the day before, we fortunately had nice weather again on the Saturday. The visiting group consisted of 30 people, including the project assistant, some of the children in care and their parents and other supporters and friends of Hope for Tomorrow.

13686782_1808233046062838_2469868235977521835_nVery special for this visit was the participation of an Italian supporter: Daniel Mazza. Daniel and his friend Gabriele previously contacted to Hope for Tomorrow for joining the visit to the Hope orphanage. Daniel brought numerous Pads and Pens as gifts for the orphans.

Very special for this visit was the participation of an Italian supporter: Daniel Mazza. Daniel, and his friend Gabriele, previously contacted Hope for Tomorrow about joining the visit to the Hope Orphanage. Daniel brought numerous pads and pens as gifts for the orphans.

Daniel and Gabriele were on a trip through Vietnam, by scooter, from July to August 2016. They launched a fundraising campaign for orphans in Vietnam. Along their route from north to south, with donations, they bought various school supplies and brought them to the orphans and schoolchildren. There is more information here:


We were very warmly welcomed by the director of the orphanage Mr. Hai.

13680529_1808232536062889_9050557327379684869_nThe children at the orphanage welcomed us in a very special way with a cheerful Flashmob Dance. The atmosphere was very nice!

The children at the orphanage also welcomed us in a very special way with a cheerful Flashmob Dance. The atmosphere was very happy!

Van, a 16 year-old student, who together with us, visited the orphanage for the first time said : “I had actually a quite different idea of AIDS infected orphans. Through this visit I witnessed with my own eyes how the children live here so cheerfully. Their bravery and strength are really very admirable! ”

IMG_880813873129_1808233962729413_1922731490637524185_nWe handed over the gifts to the children. All the children in the orphanage were very happy and excited, and could not wait to put on the new clothes.

13668948_1808234989395977_2661617607799018538_nBeautiful group shots were made. Smiling faces could be seen everywhere.

13932669_492805117581845_3114299530268435306_nWe then visited the houses of the children. Currently, there are 81 AIDS-infected orphans in various age groups, including five infants aged from 1 to 1.5 years, living at the orphanage. 

13892185_1808236179395858_8325688830542330333_nDespite all the improvements of the premises, many of the children live together in a room, because there is not yet sufficient space.

13686762_1808232876062855_8115844863182075956_nThe staff at the orphanage told us that the discrimination of the society is still a big obstacle in the lives of children with AIDS. This is a particular problem for older youth if they wish to leave the orphanage and begin an education or a training.


Our group left the orphanage with many emotions and thoughts. We hope that the Vietnamese society will soon have more knowledge about the AIDS disease and the transmission paths, so that AIDS infected children are not discriminated against, and can have a better future.

On behalf of the entire group I would like to send a special thank to the donors who made this visit and all the gifts possible.

Project assistant,
Phuc Le

Translated by Hang Trieu
Edited by Robert Fretwell

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