HIV-infected children in Vietnam – An arduous way to attend school

Every year in September, students from all over the nation are eager to go to school. Yet for many HIV positive children and their parents, it is extremely difficult to claim the right to attend school. … [Read more...]

Vietnamese children`s treat in the “Hope-Orphanage”

On the 3rd of October 2009, the Moon Festival was celebrated in Vietnam. This is a special day for children. The traditional mooncake is a part of the custom on this day. The date varies annual according to the moon calendar. On this day, all children in Vietnam receive a plate of candies and cake. In the evening, the children wait until the full moon appears. … [Read more...]

Memory of the trip to Hope-Orphanage The trip to Hope-Orphanage on 16th August 2009 was a beautiful sunny day. There were many weddings and cheerful faces on the way. It was a lovely trip with the participation of H4T voluntary group members, Nguyệt, Phúc, Thảo , Linh, Chính (Chính became an official volunteer after this trip). … [Read more...]

The situation of HIV-infected children and AIDS-orphans in Vietnam

According to the Vietnamese Health Department’s reports, at the end of 2007 there were approximately 3,700 children within 0-13 years of age and 14,500 young people  between 14 and 19 years of age suffering from HIV. … [Read more...]

“Hope Orphanage”, a place that captures your heart

The "Hope-Orphanage" is located 50 km outside of Hanoi, in Yen Bai Village, Ba Vi Province. In 2001 the orphanage was established to receive HIV-infected children from all over Vietnam. Children who suffer from HIV are often rejected by their own parents. … [Read more...]

Reflection from Hai Nguyen after visiting her homeland in autumn 2008

Having recently come back to my home country has left a deep impression on me. Hanoi seems to be more crowded and noisier. New roads, new buildings make me feel unfamiliar, but my family and friends are still there, they welcome me as they did on my previous returns. … [Read more...]