H4T Brings the Gift of Love and Hope to Thanh Xuan Orphanage


On August 17, 2014, Hope for Tomorrow (H4T) volunteers visited 22 children with HIV at the Thanh Xuan Orphanage in Hai Phong, Vietnam, Ms. Thuy, the vice director of the orphanage, said that 11 of the children are currently attending secondary school; 10 of them are enrolled in primary school, and one is in kindergarten. … [Read more...]

One Summer Day in the Life of a Volunteer


One summer Sunday, on the 18th of May 2014, the volunteer group of Hope for Tomorrow (H4T) visited the HIV-positive orphans at our Hope-Orphanage in the province of Ba Vi, in Hanoi. … [Read more...]

H4T Volunteers Bring Baskets of Love and Cheer to Hanoi’s Hope Orphanage


End of October 2013, a group of volunteers from Hope for Tomorrow (H4T), embarked on a trip to the Hope Orphanage of the Labor Center and Social Affairs II, in Yen Bai, Bavi, Hanoi. … [Read more...]

H4T Volunteers Visit Thanh Xuan Orphanage


On December 8, 2013, volunteers from H4T made their first visit to Thanh Xuan Orphanage in Hai Phong, 80 km south-west of Hanoi. … [Read more...]

Report of our visit of the Hope-Orphanage, Mai 2013


Hanoi in summertime, covered in radiant sunny days. Everybody was travelling around. They probably already had their own plans for this summer, however, we, the volunteers in H4T group and HFVina group had decided to visit and give presents to the Children in the Hope Orphanage", 50 km far from Hanoi. … [Read more...]

A Meaningful Trip with Friends from Brazil


One day, Hope for Tomorrow (H4T) suddenly received 2 messages from Joao on H4T's website. He wrote that he would like to make contact with H4T and make a personal visit to the Hope Orphanage and bring presents to children there. … [Read more...]

Visit to the Hope Orphanage on October 7, 2012


On October 7, 2012, a group of our project’s assistants visited the "Hope Orphanage", 50 km from Hanoi, where 70 orphaned children with AIDS live and are cared for. This orphanage is supported by us regularly. Mrs. Hai Nguyen, Director of the "hope for tomorrow e.V.", attended also. She was present in Vietnam at this time. We also delivered gifts and relief supplies for Grade 3 students of the Partschins Secondary School in South Tyrol. The students gathered 800 Euros at their parent … [Read more...]

A great summer day for the aids-infected orphans in Hanoi


On the 8th of July 2012 our group in Hanoi organised a great day-trip for the orphans including a visit to the circus and many games. … [Read more...]

An autumn filled with the scent of new books – July 24th 2011

juli11.24 - 01

“Autumn, autumn, The scent of new books The voices in the school-year opening ceremony Bright like the autumn…” … [Read more...]

Report of our visit of the Hope-Orphanage, October 2010

ophanage - 01

On October 24th 2010 our group visited the Hope-orphanage near Hanoi/Vietnam. As at our former visits, we brought presents for the children. This time we brought for them books, bookshelfs, some materials for doing handicrafts, clothes, toys, books for school and food. The children were very happy to receive our gifts. … [Read more...]