Help for children with AIDS in Hanoi

Visiting HIV-infected children in October 2009.
There are two rooms with three beds in each room.

In the autumn of 2009, we began focusing our efforts towards providing health care for HIV-infected children from the rural areas in northern Vietnam. In Hanoi, there is one hospital where HIV-infected children from northern Vietnam can receive medical care.

We keep in contact with employees of this hospital. They tell us that the poorest families from the rural areas can not afford the fees for the medical care.
This is where our help begins. With your donations we support the poorest families from the rural areas of northern Vietnam, so that the children of these families can receive medical care.
Some families have to bring their children to the hospital frequently.
Each time they have to pay the fees for the medical care.
In September and October 2009 we began supporting the first 18 families.
The families are very thankful to all the donors.

A three year old patient with his mother

Our photo shows the 10 day old infant with Loan, one of

the volunteers of Hope For Tomorrow. This baby was born prematurely in the 7th month.
The mother is HIV-infected and left the baby alone with the father after giving birth.
In the provincial hospital the baby was rejected, due to
the HIV infection of the mother.
The father brought the baby to Hanoi.

Two year old girl with the mother and Hai Nguyen.
The girl is HIV-infected since birth, but the infection was only recently detected during a stay in the hospital.

For two months this boy is suffered from high fever and could not eat anything. As a last hope, the parents brought him to Hanoi. But the help came too late. The boy
died few days after our visit.

The National Hospital of Pediatrics in Hanoi