Presents for the Tet-Festival 2015

At the Tet-Festival 2015 (vietnamese New Year) our charitable organization has given presents to 50 sonsored children. For this we used an amount of 750 Euro, which was partly donated by the sponsors of the children. … [Read more...]

Opening of a new library

It was a beautiful Sunday, January 1st 2015, when a group of our volunteers were able to open another public library in the community Nghia Co in Hoa Binh province, 80 km from Hanoi. After the group was welcomed by the inhabitants of the village, about 1.000 books were placed in the bookshelfs. … [Read more...]

Visiting Godchildren in Ninh Binh

On a beautiful fall day in early October 2014, a group of our project helpers accompanied two supporters of our organization, Wolfgang from Germany and Daniel from Hungary, by visiting their sponsored children in Ninh Binh. At 10 am, we arrived in Kim Son, Ninh Binh and were very warmly greeted by the resident project helpers. … [Read more...]

Full Moon Festival Invokes Sweet Childhood Memories

Every Full Moon Festival turns me into an absolute hopeless romantic. Try as I may, I can't stop reliving the deliciously intoxicating memories of my youth. I especially enjoyed the plethora of handmade thingies that my parents served up, everything from scrumptious moon cakes to glorious star lanterns that lit up the night. How lovely! … [Read more...]

Mid-Autumn Festival for sponsored children at Ninh Binh

Hope for Tomorrow has organized a Mid-Autumn Festival for our sponsored children at Ninh Binh. They got a chance to arrange their own five-fruit plate, to play tug-of-war and to have their singing competition. … [Read more...]

H4T Brings the Gift of Love and Hope to Thanh Xuan Orphanage

On August 17, 2014, Hope for Tomorrow (H4T) volunteers visited 22 children with HIV at the Thanh Xuan Orphanage in Hai Phong, Vietnam, Ms. Thuy, the vice director of the orphanage, said that 11 of the children are currently attending secondary school; 10 of them are enrolled in primary school, and one is in kindergarten. … [Read more...]

Good Grades Earn Big Cash Rewards

In an effort to spark academic excellence among the children, H4T decided to tie good grades to handsome financial rewards. And do you know what? It's working! … [Read more...]

Drawing contest ‘Fulfilling dreams’

As part of H4T’s annual activity plan, the group has organized in June 2014 a drawing contest themed ‘Fulfilling dreams’ as an extracurricular activity for the sponsored children and the children of members and supporters to express their dreams about their future in an equal world. … [Read more...]

One Summer Day in the Life of a Volunteer

One summer Sunday, on the 18th of May 2014, the volunteer group of Hope for Tomorrow (H4T) visited the HIV-positive orphans at our Hope-Orphanage in the province of Ba Vi, in Hanoi. … [Read more...]

Opening of three new libraries

Last April, 2014, Hope for tomorrow (H4T) opened 3 book libraries for children living in poverty. Today, every child can now easily and freely borrow books concerning a wide range of topics from these libraries. … [Read more...]